The Limbr Decelerator
Slow down - to speed up. 

You've chosen to change the world, solve a problem, build a business. You've swapped stability and safety for freedom and flexibility. Entrepreneurs have a uniquely stressful journey, we get that, and so do other entrepreneurs. The Limbr Decelerator supports entrepreneurs to connect with themselves and each other through facilitated real conversation - creating lasting, deep community. Our program promotes greater awareness and skills around wellbeing, including putting context around the common challenges of entrepreneurship to develop practical ways to address them. 

Our programs include online support which lets you explore evidence-based resources, stories from fellow entrepreneurs and tailored recommendations for professional coaches and therapists.

Don't take the journey alone - join the Limbr Decelerator to slow down, be real and stay healthy. 

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Limbr Decelerator 'Sandpit'/
1 August 2018

We are inviting a handful of entrepreneurs to experience a sandpit session of the Limbr decelerator. This is a one-off opportunity to shape the themes and learning approaches of the ongoing workshops to suit your needs.                                                                                

We'll be exploring the topic of 'imposter syndrome'.  In a culture where we're all pretending we've got it all together - it can be really hard not to feel inadequate.

How do we acknowledge our flaws and blind spots, without judgement? How do we identify and celebrate our strengths without feeling arrogant? How do we convince people with authenticity? How do we stop comparing ourselves to each other?  

When & Where: Level 3, Inspire9 Richmond, 6-9pm, 1 August 2018

Seats are extremely limited so you must apply if you are interested in taking part. Session is facilitated, run under 'chatham house rule' and entry is by application + donation.