The Decelerator

The Decelerator is a dedicated time and space to invest in your number one asset as a modern worker - your mind.

Modern workers like startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs have an unparalleled opportunity to create value, but that opportunity can be scary, lonely and stressful. The Limbr Decelerator is here to support your mental wellbeing on your journey.


1. Choose Your Topics

Modern workers face a unique set of challenges. That’s why the Decelerator is designed around the specific challenges we share, but never talk about.



There’s always more you could do in modern work, but how, when and where do you draw the line?


Imposter Syndrome

The perils of fake it ‘till you make it and the challenges of convincing people authentically.


Burn Rate

Symptoms of burnout - spot the early warning signs, and how to avoid it before you’re in it.


Persistence vs Stubbornness

Understanding when to push on and when to pull back.

2. What’s Your Vibe?

We all connect, learn and grow in different ways. Limbr offers four delivery modes that cater to these differences.


Peer Learning

Some of us love great conversation. Our expert facilitators and the Limbr app guide you to have great conversation to connect, learn and grow.

Limbr - Launch8.jpg

Activity-based Learning

Some of us want less talk, more action. Our activity-based sessions are suited to people who learn best with activities, not chit-chat.


Chalk ‘n’ Talk

Some of us just want to sit back, take notes and walk away with practical, actionable tips. Like a classroom, but without detention.



Some of us love variety and flexibility. Blended is a mix of the three styles, for those who like a bit of everything.

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3. Show Up, Connect, Learn & Grow

After choosing the topics that interest you, and the style you connect and learn best in - Limbr connects you to other modern workers who share the same preferences.

We then host Decelerator sessions at sites around Melbourne, Australia. (We plan to expand to other sites once our app is live in the third quarter of 2019)

Then you show up, connect to other modern workers like you and learn how to be your best self at work.