The Limbr Decelerator


“As freelancers and founders our wellbeing is our number one business asset.”


The Limbr Decelerator is an investment in you and your business - a series of Wellbeing workshops where we support you to make the changes in your life you need to thrive.

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 What to Expect

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Peer Learning

One-to-one and group discussions with fellow entrepreneurs to learn from each other’s experiences



Personal reflection and meditation to let go of your busy day, become more present, reflect deeply and generate new insights.


Experiential Learning

Activities to support your professional growth and ground your insights in practical applications that can be integrated into your everyday life.

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Evidence Based Practices

Evidenced-based approaches to support your wellbeing

Upcoming Sessions


The Shadow Side of Passion - 26th September 6-8pm

Info: A little over a month ago we tested a prototype Decelerator session with a group of twenty brave entrepreneurs. Based on their feedback we have refined our approach and we are excited to officially launch the Decelerator at Inspire9 with our first session focusing on the topic of The Shadow Side of Passion.

While having a sense of passion for your work can fuel and inspire you, your team and your customers, this passion and drive can also have a dark side. This session will explore this central question: How do we harness the drive behind purpose and passion without driving ourselves into the ground?

Location: Inspire9 in Richmond, Level 1, 41-43 Stewart St, Richmond, 3121 VIC

Date: September 26th from 6-8pm.

Price: The session is free for all full time Inspire9 members ($15 for part time residents and $30 for non residents).

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