The Limbr App

Limbr is building an app to provide modern wellbeing support.


Modern Wellbeing Support


Limbr is making the first step easier

Does your workplace struggle to know where to start with introducing mental health support?

The first, convenient and discrete step towards mental health support is on the Limbr App.

The app is free to access and lets users explore mental health and wellbeing, privately and conveniently. We understand that everyone has a different experience of mental health and so the app tailors its content and services to users so that we don’t scare people away, or bore people with stuff they know already.

Using Limbr is free, and services can be accessed on subscription plans that are much cheaper if entire workplaces sign up.


Online to Offline

We believe that online experiences won't replace mental health care, but that they can make getting there a lot easier. Limbr is both an online and offline service, allowing us to support people across the entire journey from exploring things online, to attending things in-person.

Limbr places a priority on designing an engaging experience for the end-user and designing with reference to the scientific evidence. We seek to use these processes to avoid the limitations of other mental health apps that either do not engage the user, or are not grounded in evidence-base and ongoing evaluation.

This is our solution to the 65% of people who experience mental health challenges, who never seek help. With mental ill health becoming the world's number one health burden in 2017, we've never needed this more.


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