The Limbr App

Limbr is building an app to provide modern wellbeing support.
We will be launching in the 1st quarter of 2019.


Modern Wellbeing Support


Limbr is making the first step easier

Limbr’s support services are all accessible via our app, which is our first, convenient and discrete step towards mental health support.

Limbr provides proactive, 'sub-clinical' services focused on education, awareness, and social support, as well as referrals for needs-based clinical services such as psychologists.

The Limbr app is free to access and provides features for community support and mental health education.

The app is evidence-based on research into help-seeking behaviour, but importantly is designed to be engaging and convenient for the end-user. Workplaces subscribe to the plan that suits them and Limbr supports the people in that workplace to be their best selves at work with modern wellbeing support.


Online to Offline

We believe that online experiences won't replace mental health care, but that they can make getting there a lot easier. This is our solution to the 65% of people who experience mental health challenges, who never seek help. With mental ill health becoming the world's number one health burden in 2017, we've never needed this more.