Limbr provides modern wellbeing supportfor modern workplaces.


The Decelerator

Entrepreneurs have a uniquely stressful journey - we get that.

The stress can be really positive, but it will be a struggle at times.

We need to stop glorifying 'the hustle'. 

The Decelerator is a world-first pilot to increase wellbeing and entrepreneurial performance.

Our Topics

The Limbr Decelerator is designed around 16+ topics that we need to talk about, including the following

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Burn Rate

Symptoms of burnout - spot the early warning signs, and how to avoid it before you are in it.

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Imposter Syndrome

The perils of "fake it 'till you make it" and the challenges of convincing people authentically.

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Tech Addiction

Creating mindful relationships with technology through mindful design of technology.

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Conflict Resolution

Learn about how to engage in healthy conflict and manage disputes.


We need this now!


is the potential return for every dollar invested effectively into mentally healthy workplaces.


of us will experience mental ill-health at some point in our lives.


have a higher rate of mental ill health than the general population.


is the leading cause of death up to the age of 44.


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