Decelerator Topics

Burn Rate

Burnout - spot the early warning signs, and how to avoid it before you are in it.



Being a freelancer, founder or leader can be a lonely road. How do we build and maintain meaningful relationships?


The Shadow Side of Passion

Having a sense of purpose that drives your work has innumerable benefits, but it also has a shadow side - overwork.


Making Peace with Failure

“Fail fast, fail early” sounds great in theory, but many of us are still afraid of failure.


Financial Stress

Managing cash flow, capital, and uncertainty for your business, and mananging financial insecurity personally.

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Imposter Syndrome

The perils of "fake it 'till you make it" and the challenges of convincing people authentically.


Tech Addiction

Creating mindful relationships with technology through mindful design of technology.


Persistence vs Stubbornness

Understanding when to push on and when to walk away.


Creating Healthy Habits

We all know we need more sleep, exercise and healthy food in our lives but there’s a gap between knowledge and action.


Conflict Resolution

Learn about how to engage in healthy conflict and manage disputes.


Minimum Viable Person

Design your self-care regime - each of us needs a minimum level of self-care to be sustainable.


Rank, Power and Diversity

Be aware of how the dynamics of rank, power and diversity play out in teams and how to navigate these dynamics.