The Limbr Decelerator

The peer support and wellbeing program for entrepreneurs (startups, creatives, and freelancers)

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The Limbr Decelerator is about creating a deep community of resilient and thriving entrepreneurs and supporting their wellbeing.

Peer Support = Deep Community

Entrepreneurs have a uniquely stressful journey - we get that, and so do other entrepreneurs.

The Limbr Decelerator supports entrepreneurs to connect with themselves and each other through facilitated real conversation, creating lasting, deep community.

Wellbeing = Sustainable Productivity

Our programs increase awareness and skills around wellbeing for more sustainable productivity.

This includes putting context around the common challenges of entrepreneurship and developing practical ways to address them.

Online Support = Always-on Assistance

Our programs include online support that let you connect to entrepreneur support sessions remotely.

You can also access curated mental health and wellbeing content, and share and access recommendations for professional support.

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Our Topics

The Limbr Decelerator is designed around the topics that we need to talk about, including the following:

Burn Rate

Symptoms of burnout - spot the early warning signs, and how to avoid it before you are in it.

Imposter Syndrome

The perils of "fake it 'till you make it" and the challenges of convincing people authentically.

Tech Addiction

Creating mindful relationships with technology through mindful design of technology.

Conflict Resolution

Learn about how to engage in healthy conflict and manage disputes.

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Limbr also offers…

The Safety Net

Wellbeing first aid training for up to four of your staff members, getting them skilled up to a good baseline for handling mental health and wellbeing issues in the workplace.

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Custom-built for you

We can work with you to design and run a peer support and wellbeing program that suits you and your organisation's needs.

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We need this now!

5x is the return for every dollar invested effectively into mentally healthy workplaces.

45% of us will experience mental ill-health at some point in our lives.

Entrepreneurs have a higher rate of mental ill health than the general population.

Suicide is the leading cause of death up to the age of 44.

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