Limbr provides modern wellbeing supportfor modern workplaces.


Modern Wellbeing Support

Limbr is making the first step easier 

Limbr provides proactive, 'sub-clinical' services focused on education, awareness, and social support, as well as referrals for needs-based clinical services such as psychologists. Our support services are all accessible via our app, which is our first, convenient and discrete step towards mental health support.

We believe that online experiences won't replace mental health care, but that they can make getting there a lot easier. This is our solution to the 65% of people who experience mental health challenges, who never seek help. With mental ill health becoming the world's number one health burden in 2017, we've never needed this more.


Modern Workplaces

In 2017, depression became the world's number one health burden. To be a modern workplace today, is to recognise that mental health is fundamental not just for work, but for life.

Does your workplace have a public mental health policy?
Does it provide access to any wellbeing services?
Would you feel comfortable talking about your mental health at work?

If you're part of the leadership at a modern workplace, that's looking for a modern solution for wellbeing and mental health, then request a sales demo below.

If you think your workplace could do more to support mental health and wellbeing, then they should know. Limbr has set up a form for you to anonymously invite your workplace below.

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The Decelerator

Entrepreneurs have a uniquely stressful journey - we get that.

The stress can be really positive, but it will be a struggle at times.

We need to stop glorifying 'the hustle'. 

Limbr is launching a world-first pilot to increase wellbeing and entrepreneurial performance.

Spots are extremely limited - apply now to register your interest in the program.


Our Programs

the safety net

Train your staff in how to address mental health and wellbeing challenges within your workspace.

the Decelerator

Provide a preventative, accessible and social support program for your workplace that's always there for you. 

the Retreat

Take a break to review, reconnect and rejuvenate with our custom-designed retreats for teams and entrepreneurs. 

Our Topics

The Limbr Decelerator is designed around 16+ topics that we need to talk about, including the following

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Burn Rate

Symptoms of burnout - spot the early warning signs, and how to avoid it before you are in it.

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Imposter Syndrome

The perils of "fake it 'till you make it" and the challenges of convincing people authentically.

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Tech Addiction

Creating mindful relationships with technology through mindful design of technology.

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Conflict Resolution

Learn about how to engage in healthy conflict and manage disputes.


We need this now!


is the potential return for every dollar invested effectively into mentally healthy workplaces.


of us will experience mental ill-health at some point in our lives.


have a higher rate of mental ill health than the general population.


is the leading cause of death up to the age of 44.


Connect with us

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If you're interested in the Decelerator please include what you do and where you work.